The Romanovs Today
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The members of the Imperial Family of Russia are spread around the world and live in countries that often differ politically, culturally and religiously. Although dispersed over several continents, there is one strong feeling that joins them: Their love for Russia, the country of their parents and forefathers.


The Romanov Family Association

The Romanov Family association was created in 1979 with the specific purpose of strengthening the bonds between as many members of the family as possible. Presently, the Governing Committee of this association has the following structure:

Prince Nicholas Romanovich, Rougemont, Switzerland, Chairman

Prince Nikita Nikitich, New York, Vice Chairman

Prince Michael Feodorovich, Paris, Counsellor

Prince Dimitri Romanovich, Copenhagen, Counsellor

Prince Rostislav Rostislavich, London, Counsellor.


The Romanov Family and Present Day Russia

Today the role of the members of the Romanov Family is to actively foster charitable, cultural and educational projects in Russia, thus also contributing to building a bridge of utmost value between the country's historical past and the present, the Romanov Fund for Russia holding an important position in respect of these activities.

It should be underlined that the Princes members of the Romanov Family are all in agreement that dynastic claims should not be advanced in these times, considering that the question can eventually be settled only in the future by the will of the Russian people.

It should also be remembered that the rules of succession of the Imperial House of Russia were laid down by Tsar Paul I in 1797, according to which inheritance to the Crown is reserved to male successors.

Prince Nicholas Romanovich Romanov is the Head of the Romanov Family and of the Imperial House of Russia.


The Romanov Fund for Russia

The creation of the Fund was publicly announced in Paris in June 1992 during a meeting held by the Governing Committee of the Romanov Family Association, to which also participated the Princes Andrei Andreevich of Inverness, U.S.A., and Alexander Nikitich of New York.

Legally, the Fund has been incorporated as a charitable organization in England and Wales under the Companies Act 1985 and has been registered with the Charity Commissioners, Registered Number 1037622. It was set up to benefit various, well-defined charitable purposes within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Prince Dimitri Romanovich was appointed Chairman of the Fund.

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