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This independent site presents information by various authors pertaining to the Sovereign Military Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta. Work relating to other orders of Saint John, to the military-religious orders of chivalry generally, and to relevant topics, may also be published here. This website is not published by, or in any way associated with, any of the organisations mentioned here. The publishers and individual authors are not responsible for the content of externally linked pages.


Deed of Donation of the Maltese Islands to the Order of Saint John by Emperor Charles V 1530PDF document.
English translation of the document ceding the islands to the Order of Saint John.

Charles V's Donation of Malta to the Order of Saint John - Prof. Victor Mallia MilanesPDF document.
History and analysis of the Emperor's donation of the Maltese Islands and Tripoli to the Knights of Saint John, authored by a distinguished professor of the University of Malta.

Address of John Julius Norwich to the British Association of the Order of Malta - 1998PDF document,
Presentation by one of Europe's most distinguished historians, who has written extensively about the medieval Byzantine world, Norman Sicily, Venice and the civilisation of the Mediterranean. Lord Norwich sketched a brief but fascinating outline of the Order's history.

The Military-Religious Orders: Their History and Continuing Relevance - Prof. Jonathan Riley-Smith
A foremost expert in the history of the crusading orders, Riley-Smith is a professor at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he gave this informative lecture during a conference in 2005.

Mission of the Modern Knight: Challenges Facing Members of the Order of Malta - H.E. Mario Conti, Archbishop of Glasgow
Identity and role of knights and dames of Malta in a changing society.

Notes on the Byzantine World of the First Hospitallers 1080-1140 - L. Mendola
Eastern cultural and religious developments which may have influenced the first knights of the military-religious orders.

The Order of Saint John and the Kingdom of Sicily - L. Mendola
Links between the Order of Malta and Sicily (and its royal dynasties) span many centuries, from the days of Roger II and Charles V.

Kingship and Knighthood in Medieval Sicily 1061-1266 - L. Mendola
General introduction to these institutions of medieval European and Mediterranean society.

Concise Survey of Knighthood and Knightly Orders - L. Mendola
Brief introduction to these and allied institutions such as armorial heraldry.

The Case for Personal Heraldry in the Knightly Orders - L. Mendola
Missing element in the military-religious orders.

We wish to thank the following copyright holders for granting their permission for us to re-publish, or link to, their publications from this page: Professor Jonathan Riley-Smith, Professor Victor Mallia-Milanes, Monsignor Mario Conti, Stephen Klimczuk, Julian Allason, Vincenzo Salerno, the British Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Luigi Mendola, Best of Sicily.